Joonas Holmén is a singer-songwriter, producer, audio engineer and “all-around musician” from Turku, Finland. He doesn’t believe in separate webpages for artists, since most aspects of today’s artistry are handled through services like:

Joonas Holmén + The Lossy Codecs
Lunar Holmen

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

You can also check out individual projects of his at Bandcamp, where you can also view live dates and buy stuff, like physical and digital albums:

Joonas Holmén + The Lossy Codecs, Lunar Holmen, steve, Trunko, Das Claudius, Lunar Hippo

Should you want to ask him about his music, recording/mixing/production services etc. you can e-mail him at joonasholmenmusic -theweirdsymbol- gmail.com

Thanks, have a good day. Here’s a picture: